Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Goodbye Bear

? to May 17, 2007

Bear came to us as an old man, arthritic, partially deaf and his eyesight was in question. He could barely walk and we had to lift his hindquarters up until he could get his footing. He’d then wobble to the door to go out or to his food or to the room where I was so he could curl up on the floor and put his head on my feet. But he also came to us with love and gratitude in his eyes for giving him shelter and food and a warm place to sleep. We only had for a few short months but in that time we came to love him and respect him as the gentle, patient soul he was. We kept him as comfortable as possible and loved him dearly but in the end the kindest thing was to let him go. At the very end he lifted his head and rubbed his nose against mine, laid his head back down and left us. My heart was broken but my spirit was lightened by his gentle goodbye. Goodbye Bear.